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Today with Anthony Kuo in my neighborhood of Woodbury to view the problem with unsafe drivers.

Matthew Ehorn and now Anthony Kuo have come in person. I personally appreciate this as the intersection behind us in the photo is a place my own 6 year old son wants to ride his bike... A place that I have seen way too many close calls. Just before we took this photo we were talking to a group of people when Anthony noticed a car was about to hit a child on a bike. Without hesitation Anthony ran out in front of traffic and stopped the car before it was too late. Luckily the child was fine. Neighbors told us in the past few days there have been two incidents of drivers hitting pedestrians at Woodbury intersections controlled by stop signs. At least one caused major bodily injury to the pedestrian and his child. During Anthony's visit we were able to witness IPD writing tickets and spoke to one officer to get his opinion on the current situation. I am very happy this issue is being addressed by the City of Irvine. I look forward to working with the City Council to make our school drop off zones safer in the morning and for kids when they are walking to school through these dangerous intersections. -Mark Newgent #vote4mark #mark4SchoolBoard #election #winning #irvine #orangecounty #california #neverquit #iusd ##trafficsafety

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